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New banking and merchant options available for Non US Residents



US Master Card with US Bank Account Number and Routing Number - Remote Opening: Receive ACH Payment (checks or wires) from major US Companies: PayPal, Amazon, Apple and more. Read our US Incorporation Guide


US Domestic Merchant Account and Online Gateway / Virtual Terminal Linked to International Bank Account and / or Pre-Paid US Master Card. No Requirement for SS#. Read our US Incorporation Guide


***Must Read***  The Incorporation Process - Step by Step - Guide.


New & Improved US Virtual Office in NY State. Get the perfect Virtual Office to your US Company including Online Mail Manager, US Phone, Mail Forwarding and Call Forwarding. Read More


Remote US Bank Account opening for Canadian Citizens / Residents. Read our US Incorporation Guide

Open your US Bank Account for your Delaware Company in various states: AZ,FL,,IL,IN,,KS,MN,MO,NV,WA,WI. *In Person Signing is required. Read our US Incorporation Guide  

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 US Incorporation | Formation Package    US Corporate Bank Account    Tax & Accounting Service
 Cost: $399 
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with Incorporation

Unlimited Consulting from a team of USA Specialists:
Planning & Consulting

Corporate USA Tax
Franchise USA Tax
Sales Tax Compliance
Payroll Management
USA Bookkeeping (GAAP)
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  Accept Credit Cards
Setup Fees: $699


 + Mail Forwarding
Setup Fees: $199


Free  Referral
with Incorporation


Accept all major
Credit & Debit Cards

Virtual terminal
Charge your clients
from your computer

Get your money to your Bank of your USA LLC / Corp

Manage your Merchant Online.


You will have your own dedicate USA Business Address (NOT A PO BOX) which you can use to receive mail and forward it to your home / office address any where in the world.

Use this address on your letter heads and official documents.

*to maintain your address - $9.99/month  (what is this?)



We refer you to a USA VOIP service provider. Fees are subject to the provider's policy, terms & conditions.

Your clients can call you at a local Number or Toll Free Number 1-800.


Advanced V.O.I.P system allows you to receive calls from your Number anywhere in the world.

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personal Business ConsultantD-U-N-S Number (Dun & Bradstreet) Introduction Service
*** Free with our US Incorporation Package***

With our FREE D-U-N-S Number Introduction Service you will receive clear and simple ‘step by step’ instructions how to obtain your D-U-N-S Number FREE for your US Company.


Obtaining D-U-N-S Number is part of building business credit for your US Company. It will help you present your company to potential lenders, vendors, clients, government agencies and other parties using the D-U-N-S Number as part of due diligence on your US Entity.


 Keep your US Corporation or US LLC in Good Standing. Our Experts will assist you with All Tax Return Filling


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Since 2006, Globes America assists International Entrepreneurs with their USA Incorporation, LLC, Company setup & registration, Bank Account for your  LLC & Company and Tax & Accounting Services.


Here you will find all the information you need to understand the  incorporation process, how to setup your own LLC, Bank Account, Merchant Account and Business Address.


Globes America Inc is a registered US Corporation (Corporation ID Number: 4244275) since 2006.  We are a PayPal Verified Vendor and a Preferred Authorize.Net Merchant (click on the link to the left). Since its formation in 2006, Globes America maintain a "Zero Customer Complaints Policy".


Globes America has a network of affiliates all over the world (law firms, attorneys,  tax professionals, international company formation firms, real estate brokers and real estate agencies).


A USA / Delaware LLC is a limited liability company, separate entity from its shareholders / members / owners. Tax wise, an LLC is a "pass through entity", meaning the LLC is not liable for tax on its income which is taxed on the owner's level. A non-us resident a company in Delaware or any other state. You can own a Delaware LLC or a Delaware Corporation without social security number.




Globes America is proud to be a world leader in assisting Non US Residents with expanding their business to the US. This objective of this guide is to provide you ALL the information you need to know before you order our services. As the #1 Ranked US Incorporation Firm we setup the industry standards. Therefore, we believe it is important to be transparent to our clients and make sure you understand the process, requirements, time frame, fees and documentation involved.   


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**A Must Read Guide**


US LLC USA CompanyFree US Incorporation Guide

US LLC USA CompanyFree Name Checkk

US LLC USA CompanyFree Access to Globes America Specialistss



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Globes America maintains online support center to assist you with professional incorporation experts:





Delaware Limited Liability Company

USA Company Registration / Limited Liability Company (LLC). Setup your Corporation or LLC in 24 Hours.


Q: What is the difference between a Delaware Corporation and a Delaware Limited Liability Company (LLC)?

A: Like a Delaware Corporation, a Delaware LLC offers limited liability to its owners. Unlike a Corporation, however, an LLC is taxed as a Partnership or Sole Proprietorship (unless the company elects to be taxed as a Corporation). This allows an LLC to pass all its income and losses through to the owners.


Q: As a non-us-resident Entity Types I can own in Delaware?

 A: Non-US-Resident has the following options to setup a US Entity:
1.  C. Corporation, known as Sample Company Name, INC.
2.  Limited Liability Company, known as Sample Company Name, LLC.

Q: What types of US Entities I can choose from to setup my US Company?

A: Non-US-Resident has the following options to setup a US Entity:
1.  C. Corporation, known as XXXXXX, INC.
2.  Limited Liability Company, known as XXXXXX, LLC.

3. Non Profit Organization, know as not for profit corporation


Q: What is the difference between a Delaware Corporation and a Delaware Limited Liability Company (LLC)?

Like a Corporation, a Delaware LLC offers limited liability to its owners. Unlike a Corporation, however, an LLC is taxed as a Partnership or Sole Proprietorship (unless the LLC elects to be taxed as a Corporation). This allows an LLC to pass all its income and losses through to the owners.


Furthermore, the LLC has an advantage over a C-Corporation which makes an S-Corporation tax election because the S-Corporation can only have 100 stockholders and the stockholders cannot be Corporations or non-U.S. citizens.


Q: Where Can I learn more about the Limited Liability Company known as LLC?

A: The US LLC is a unique business structure which allows a person or persons to operate their business without putting at risk their personal assets through limiting their liability. It provides the owners with a legal protection for their personal assets without the complexity of the commonly used corporation. A corporation is a company limited by shares, while an LLC does not issue shares and its owners are referred to as members.


Q: Do I need to be present in the US to form the LLC or incorporate a US or Delaware Corporation? Do I need to come to the US to register a US LLC or Corporation?

A: No! You don't need to be present in the US or come to the US to register a US Company, LLC or Corporation. All the communication will be done via email. We will forward you all the documents you will need to sign as PDF files. you will have to print, sign, scan and email the documents back to us to enable us register your US company, obtain EIN (tax ID number) and issue all the corporate documents which will also be emailed to you as electronic files


Q: As Resident / Citizen of UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Austria, India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Israel, Turkey, Europe, Asia… Can I setup a Delaware company or Delaware Corporation?

A: Yes. There are no restrictions on ownership of a Delaware LLC or Delaware Corporation. Resident and Citizens of any of the countries mentioned above can form a USA Company or incorporate a Corporation.


Q: What are the requirements from a foreign citizen, non-us-resident without a social security number to form an LLC in Delaware or in the US?

 A: you will need to forward us a scanned copy of your photo ID (passport or other official government issued photo ID such as driving license) and a proof of your home address in your county.  Once we receive your order, we will email you a confirmation and ask you to scan and forward us your passport via email. 

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