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Can a Foreign Nationality Entrepreneur who is not a US Citizen or a Non US Resident be a shareholder of a US Corporation?

Can a Foreign Company (Corporation) be a sole shareholder of a US Corporation or Limited Liability Company?

What should I consider when choosing the type of entity in the US?

What are my options as a Non-US-Resident when it comes to Entity Types?

What are the similarities between Corporation and Limited Liability Company?

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User IconWhat is a registered agent? | Gladi
Q: "I am in the process of incorpoating my business in MA and I read that we need to appoint a registered agent. What is it?"


User IconDo you make sure my name is available? | sean
Q: "I am opening a new co. as an LLC. when I apply is the name checked the to assure there's no other co by that name.Also does a EIN need to be applied for separately or is it registered automatically under the LLC."


User IconWhat will be the corporation filing date? | careforcaregivers
Q: "if I incorporate today will this be the date on my incorporation certificate?"


User IconWhere to form my LLC? | Robert Link, DDS
Q: "In what states do you suggest I form an LLC and what about an address in that state?"


User IconHow to incorporate anonymously? | Julie
Q: "I need to find out about incoporating anonymously in Florida but also be able to open a business bank account.."


User IconResident Agent for Out of state Business | Frank
Q: "If I incorporate a home-based business in another state, and use a registered agent in that state, am I supposed to use my own home address as the business address? Or do I use the registered agent's address as a business address?"


User IconCan EIN of a sole proprietership be used for a Corporation? | cindy
Q: "I have a sole proprietership with my EIN number.. can I still use my EIN number I have now?"


User IconWhat is an officer of a corporation? | jamison
Q: "Please explain common manager titles of incorporation, example: CEO, CFO, etc..."


User IconWhy should I Incorporate? | Robert Link
Q: "I'm putting together an online business and am questioning the need to incorporate and in what state."


User IconS. Corporation or C. Corporation | Roberta
Q: "what is the difference between s & c corp"


User IconIRS letter about capital gains | Scott
Q: "I just got a letter from the IRS that states I owe $232 on a 1099-b that was filed were I sold $1457 worth of stock. I purchased the stocks in 2007 to go to school in early 2008. I sold them and made $17.93 dividends on these stocks. My question is how can they charge me $232 for stocks I paid for with money that I had already paid taxed on when it only made $17.93"


User IconHow to calculate payroll withholding | Leslie
Q: "I am looking for the amount to withhold for a semi-monthly deduction, for a single claiming zero with a Gross amount of $1700.00"


User IconWill I Pay tax on Sale of my trailer? | Claudia
Q: "does a person have to declair moneys from the sail of a trailer?"


User IconHow do I download a Power of Attorney form? | Tal Rozen
Q: "How can I get a form #2848 for Power of Attorney"


User IconAny penalties on Filing a late state tax return? | Ashley
Q: "I filed my federal tax online and was gonna just send my state in so I didnt have to pay. well I completley forgot about my state taxes and it was a month late. I didnt owe anything and I was getting 58 dollars back. whats the penalyl on this gonna be?"


User IconI am planning a "flip" with a partner, but I am not on the title. Can I cliam exp? | Tami
Q: "My sister purchased a house to fix up and sell; we split the payments and cost of improvements 50/50. My name was not on the morgage, do I still get to deduct my share of the interest paid? Thank you"


User IconI am buying a energy appliance, any tax benefitss? | Amelia
Q: "What 2009 tax incentives exist for buying energy star rated appliances (Federal and/or NJ incentives)? "


User IconWithholding from 401K distribution | tammy
Q: "How much taxes for federal and state should i hold out for withdrawing my 401k out early on the amount of 51,000.00 in the state of VA"


User IconI sent a letter to the IRS, when will they respond? | William
Q: "I made an error on my 2008 Form 1040. On May 04, 2009, I sent a letter to IRS with an explaination and requested information about how to correct the error. To date, there has been on response. Can I speek to an agent to obtain some information?"


User IconCan I file amended return to change my filing status | john
Q: "I have file my joint return with my wife. Can I amend the return to married seperate?"



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