Posted on 7/4/2009 3:22:00 PM sean

Do you make sure my name is available?
I am opening a new co. as an LLC. when I apply is the name checked the to assure there's no other co by that name.Also does a EIN need to be applied for separately or is it registered automatically under the LLC.
Sean, The first step we take when we form your LLC is name check. We run a complete name check availability at the state you want to register with, to assure that the name you want for you company is indeed (1) meets the state name requirements and (2) available for registration. The next step after registering the LLC is to obtain Employer ID Number for the it (subject to the service you sign up for). The EIN (Employer ID number) will be obtained by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and is designated to the LLC. It will serve as the entity Identification number for most federal and state purposes, such as opening bank account, paying and filing taxes and more.



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