Posted on 5/22/2009 4:48:22 PM William

I sent a letter to the IRS, when will they respond?
I made an error on my 2008 Form 1040. On May 04, 2009, I sent a letter to IRS with an explaination and requested information about how to correct the error. To date, there has been on response. Can I speek to an agent to obtain some information?
William, It takes the IRA a minimum of 4 weeks to receive and process any letter submitted by a taxpayer. If you have sent your letter with a post date of May 04, 2009 it is unlikely that you will receive any response prior to the first week of June. If you mailed your letter using Certified mail or any other traceable shipper, you should have proof of mailing in form of mailing receipt or bill of lading. You can however call the IRS at 1 [800] 829-1040 (choose the menu option that allows you to ask questions about filing or preparing a tax return, and you will be directed to a customer service representative) about 3 weeks after you submitted your letter to verify that the IRS has indeed received it. The agent will probably be in a position to verify that the IRS has received your letter and will also be able to tell you where that letter was distributed within the IRS. Now regarding the correction itself. Revising your tax return is done by filing an amendment. You use Form 1040X, plus a new Form 1040, and any necessary schedules and forms. Amended tax returns have to be filed on paper, and they can take 8 to 12 weeks for the IRS to process. You should file an amended tax return if you need to correct your filing status, total income, tax deductions, or tax credits. You should not file an amended return if you are only correcting math errors. You only have three years (from the original filing deadline) or two years (from the date of your last payment) to claim a refund with amended return. Lastly, if you do not receive any confirmation from the IRS within 6-8 weeks from the date you sent your letter, we strongly suggest you resend it using U.S.P.S Certified mail.



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