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  US Corporation or LLC? Where to Incorporate US Tax Planning? Order Professional Consultation

"I am a non-us-resident, should I setup a C. Corporation or LLC? Where should I incorporate? What Taxes I will need to pay? We have a UK Company, what is the best business structure? I am a Real-Estate Investor, Can I form a series LLC? What are the benefits? All of my revenue will come out of the US and I am a NON-USA-Resident, Should I pay taxes? what is the best entity for me?"


Many entrepreneurs have questions regarding their US incorporation, Tax Planning and Business Structure Setup.
Globes America provides a unique solution to assist you plan your strategy.


During the session, with the professional assistance of our Incorporation Specialist / Tax Advisor you will be able to reach decisions on major issues related to your Incorporation Process:


1. What type of entity will fit your business needs

2. Where to Incorporate your US Entity

3. Who will be the shareholders (Foreign Individuals or Foreign Companies)
4. Tax Planning - How to minimize your US Tax Liability
5. What will be your Filling & Compliance Requirements in the US


One hour session (or a portion of an hour) with Incorporation Specialist /  Tax Advisor  cost $199. Should you Incorporate with us your consulting cost will be deducted from your Incorporation bill, therefore the consultation session will be free.

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