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Globes America is proud to be a world leader in assisting Non US Residents with expanding their business to the US. This objective of this guide is to provide you ALL the information you need to know before you order our services. As the #1 Ranked US Incorporation Firm we setup the industry standards. Therefore, we believe it is important to be transparent to our clients and make sure you understand the process, requirements, time frame, fees and documentation involved. 


A Guide for Non US Resident / Foreign Member on US - Limited Liability Companies (LLC's)


The US LLC is a unique business structure which allows a person or persons to operate their business without putting at risk their personal assets through limiting their liability. It provides the owners with a legal protection for their personal assets without the complexity of the commonly used corporation. A corporation is a company limited by shares, while an LLC does not issue shares and its owners are referred to as members.

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Understanding the Incorporation process.


All you need to know about the US incorporation process for a Non-US-Resident. The guide is in the form of frequently asked questions and detailed answers on all aspects of the incorporation process

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Non-US-Resident C. Corporation v.s. LLC (limited Liability Company)


I'm a non-us-resident and I want to incorporate or form an LLC in the US. I would also like to open a US Bank Account. As a non-usa-resident, what is better for me, Corporation or LLC? What are the differences between a US Corporation to a US LLC? What are the requirements for a corporation and what for an LLC?

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Delaware USA – Limited Liability Company as an Offshore Company Solution   As of 2007, Delaware State in the USA is ranked as the first choice of offshore territories in the world heading Switcherland and Luxemburg ranked second and third. In Delaware, there are more than 700,000 active companies, 50% of them are publicly trade. Every year, thousands of international businesses incorporate a Delaware Corporation or Delaware LLC with Non-US-Resident Shareholders. Read More

Why Incorporate or Form an LLC in Delaware for a non-US-Resident?


FAQ: All you need to know about the Best State to incorporate or Form your US Business! Delaware-LLC-Corporation-Incorporate-Offshore-US-Bank-Account-Non-US-Resident-EIN-Tax-ID-Number-Formation-Register-US-Company-Setup-US-Business-in-Delaware Non-US-Resident or Non-US-Citizen and Delaware LLC

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U.S. Business Bank Account for Non-US-Resident / Non-US-Citizen


Types of bank accounts, what are the requirements from a non-us-resident to open a business account in the us? Documentation needed, and frequently asked questions.

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Bank Account for your US Company (LLC, Corporation or Non Profit)


The US law doesn't require you to open a bank account for your US Company. However, it is recommended that you have a separate bank account for your US business, apart from your personal assets and your local business.

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Doing Business in the U.S. for Non-US-Residents


The presentation includes highlights on major issues related to "Doing Business in the US": Incorporation, Bank Account, Employment, Taxes, Selling your business / Exit Strategy.

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FAQ - US Incorporation, US Banking, US Merchant Account


USA Company Registration for Non-US-Resident | USA Business Bank Account for Non-US-Resident | USA Business Address for Non-US-Resident | USA Merchant Account for Non-US-Resident

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How to start your US Tech Company - for Non US Residents


Have a great startup / technology company for the US Market? We assist Non US Resident expanding their Tech Company to the US.

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USA / Delaware Limited Liability Companies (LLC's)



A US Limited Liability Company LLC is a legal entity enable s individual (s) or Company (ies) conduct their business activity with a limited liability protection to their personal assets. An LLC has similar features of a corporation which is known as “company limited by shares” with tax advantage of a “pass through entity”.

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E-COMMERCE IN USA – Expose your E-Commerce Business to 300,000,000 potential clients and $172 Billion Market.


E-Commerce in USA is growing rapidly in the last few years. Not only it has a double digit annually growth but more and more products are being sold online.


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