Tax & Accounting Package for Non-US-Resident / Non-US-Citizen  

Q. Do you continue supporting me after the Incorporation?

A. Yes! We will provide you Tax, Accounting and Business Consultation to assist you in keeping your US business in good standing.


Q. Can you prepare and file my Tax Returns?

A. Yes! We will alert you when ever is a due date to file tax return (Federal & State), prepare and file all necessary returns with the relevant authorities.


Q. Can you do my monthly bookkeeping?

A. Yes! You will forward to us on a monthly basis your business documents (invoices, bills, bank statements, payroll). We will do your bookkeeping and generate monthly financial statements.




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Globes America Specializes in Tax Planning, Tax Return Preparation, Corporate Tax, Individual Tax, Franchise Tax, Sales Tax Management & Reporting, Employment Tax, Transfer Pricing & International Tax Management for Non US Residents Owned US Companies.


Our Tax & Accounting Department provides professional tax & accounting (bookkeeping) services to many successful US Companies owned by Non US Residents from all over the world. It is important you have a dedicated tax, accounting and business consultant to guide and assist you with your corporation or limited liability company on a daily basis.


You will have unlimited consulting from a dedicated CPA (Certified Public Accountant). Your dedicated CPA will make sure you file all tax returns required by U.S. Tax Laws & Regulations and guide you with every business step you wish to take. The package also includes monthly bookkeeping, financial statements and assistant in payroll management (should you need to employ in the U.S.).

US Taxes BY a CPA


Keep your US Corporation or US LLC in Good Standing. Our Experts will assist you with All Tax Return Filling



NON US RESIDENT: If you already have a US LLC or Corporation

Our Tax & Accounting Department assists Non US Residents with the following services


1. Tax Planning

2. Corporate (1120, 1065, K1) & Individual (1040) Tax Return

3. Individual Tax Return (1040)

4. Franchise Tax Return (all 50 States)

5. State Registration (Foreign Corporation)

6. Employer Registration

7. Sales Tax Management & Reporting

8. Employment Tax

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Contact your Dedicated CPA. Ask your questions, make your inquiries, your Dedicated CPA is available to assist you growing your US Business.


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