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Globes America specializes in U.S. and international incorporation. Globes America, provides Services to clients from all over the world. We provide you with a Full Service Incorporation Package. Globes America, understands the unique situation of every client and tailors an Incorporation Package suitable to your needs.


Our service is professional, affordable and fast. During the process we will update you regularly on the Incorporation Status. We, operate a 24/7 Customer Service Center. Have a questions? Want to Incorporate over the phone? Follow up your order? Send us a Message and our representatives will contact you immediately with all the information you need.


Globes America is a US Consulting Firm of US Corporation, US LLC (Limited Liability Company), Business Bank Account, Registered Agent, Merchant Account, Business Address & Mail Forwarding, Tax-Accounting-and-Business Consulting. We specialize in assisting non-usa-resident, non-us-citizen, foreign-individual and foreign-corporation to establish US Entity and US Business Activity. You may incorporate or form an LLC in Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Nevada, California, Florida, District of Columbia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Ohio and all other States using our Online Incorporation and Formation Form. You may also order a Delaware or US Bank & Merchant Account as well as business address in any of the States.


Our mission is to establish long term relationship with our clients by providing them tools to grow their U.S. business: professional incorporation, business consulting, tax planning and accounting service.. We provide 24/7 live support from a team of experts, CPAs, Accountants, Business Consultants & Tax Advisors.. Real People, Real Service.





Why Globes America?

1. Globes America is a US Incorporation, Tax & Accounting Firm.
Unlike many other service providers working from outside the US, Globes America is a US Entity with representatives in all 50 states and D.C. Whether you want to setup a Delaware LLC, New York Corporation or California Business, we have the solution for you.

2. Low Fees Incorporation & Banking Solutions.

3. Comprehensive solutions for Non US Residents.
Globes America specializes in Non US Residents. We are familiar with the needs and solutions for foreigners / international companies / individuals. We offer all you need to establish and run your US business successfully.

4. We support your US business with all year around tax, accounting & compliance consulting.
Every client of Globes America has a dedicated CPA / Tax Advisor to assist with tax, accounting & compliance related issues. You may contact your dedicated advisor by phone, email or online chat to discuss business issues to assist you with managing your US business.

5. 24/7 Online Customer Service.
We operate 24/7 online customer service for the convenience of our international clients. Since we service clients from all over the world with different time zones, we offer 24/7 consulting by our incorporation and tax specialists. 


6. The Most Reliable and Acredibale US Incorporation and Taxation Firm
Since 2006, Globes America, Inc has been a verified firm by the two largest and reputable merchant and payment processing firm worldwide: Authorize.net and PayPal. FInd below links to our cridentials and verification seals:


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Check out case studies and success stories of Non US Residents in the USA.
See what makes Globes America™ a world leader in US Incorporation for Non US Residents.




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Since 2006, Globes America assists International Entrepreneurs with their USA Incorporation, LLC, Company setup & registration, Bank Account for your  LLC & Company and Tax & Accounting Services.


Here you will find all the information you need to understand the  incorporation process, how to setup your own LLC, Bank Account, Merchant Account and Business Address.


Globes America Inc is a registered US Corporation (Corporation ID Number: 4244275) since 2006.  We are a PayPal Verified Vendor and a Preferred Authorize.Net Merchant (click on the link to the left). Since its formation in 2006, Globes America maintain a "Zero Customer Complaints Policy".


Globes America has a network of affiliates all over the world (law firms, attorneys,  tax professionals, international company formation firms, real estate brokers and real estate agencies).


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The U.S. Market offers unlimited business opportunities. Over 300,000,000 consumers and more than 1,000,000 new businesses been incorporated every year represent countless ways to expand and grow your business in the largest economic in the world.  Globes America assists International Entrepreneurs incorporate their US Business since 2006.


Although the process may seem complicated, we will make it simple for you. All you need to do to register your US Company is - fill out one online form! and we will do all the rest. Globes America will prepare all the required documentation to setup your US Business. We will file the necessary applications with the State, IRS and other relevant US authorities to have your US Company registered properly, active and in good standing.

Globes Ame

rica will register your US Company in 24 Hours for the lowest rate on the web! Globes America provides US Incorporation Package for Non-US-Residents. Our Incorporation Package includes all you need to setup your US Business Entity.




Bank Account

Globes America assists International Entrepreneurs, Non-US-Residents and Non-US-Citizens in opening a US Business Bank Account since 2006. We work with first class US Banks which offer a comprehensive  banking solution to US Corporations and US LLCs owned by Non-US-Residents.


Globes America understands the need of  Non-US-Residents to have a USD Business Bank Account.  We maintain long term working relationships with US and International Banks to provide USD banking solutions for Non-US-Residents. We will work with you to meet the requirements of "Know Your Customer Policy" and open your US Bank Account.


The banks we work with are willing to open an account for US LLC or US Corporation owned by a Non-US-Resident. They expect us to process an initial screening to our clients and prepare a semi due diligence and bank account application. Based on the information we provide to the bank a principal approval to open the account will be granted.


Then we will assist you with filling up a complete new bank account application which you will mail to the bank. The bank will process the application in few days and open the account.


Please visit our banking page to review your banking options, terms & condition of our bank account introduction & submission service.





Tax, Accounting & Business Consulting

Incorporation is your first step in doing business in the U.S. It is important you have a dedicated tax, accounting and business consultant to guide and assist you with your corporation or limited liability company on a daily basis.  Globes America most known advantage is by assisting our clients with growing their business in the US.


We provide a Complete Tax, Accounting & Business Consulting Package FREE With incorporation ($2,000 VALUE). You will have unlimited consulting from a dedicated business advisor. Your dedicated advisor will make sure you file all tax returns required by U.S. Tax Laws & Regulations and guide you with every business step you wish to take. The package also includes monthly bookkeeping, financial statements and assistant in payroll management (should you need to employ in the U.S.).


Many entrepreneurs have questions regarding their US incorporation, Tax Planning and Business Structure Setup.
Globes America provides a unique solution to assist you plan your strategy.


During the session, with the professional assistance of our Incorporation Specialist / Tax Advisor you will be able to reach decisions on major issues related to your Incorporation Process:


1. What type of entity will fit your business needs

2. Where to Incorporate your US Entity

3. Who will be the shareholders (Foreign Individuals or Foreign Companies)
4. Tax Planning - How to minimize your US Tax Liability
5. What will be your Filling & Compliance Requirements in the US


  Consulting with Incorporation Specialist /  Tax Advisor

  US Corporation or LLC? Where to Incorporate US Tax Planning? Order Professional Consultation




Why Choose Us

"When it comes to starting your business, we feel that you need to go with the best. You want to choose the best entity type for you, the most tax efficient one and one that provides you with the best legal protection down-the-road. You also want fast, accurate and reliable service that accommodates your budget. At Globes America, we know all of that. We are here to make sure you do the right thing every step of the way. Starting a business is exciting and complex at the same time. Let us make this experience user-friendly and stress free."


Globes America has the knowledge, expertise and passion you can trust. We are here to assist business owners to form corporations and Limited Liability Companies nationwide. Our trained and certified customer service representatives are dedicated to helping you with the following services:

Incorporate your business or form a limited liability company (LLC)

Ensure your franchise tax is paid on time and comply with state requirements.

Maintain a Registered Agent for vital tax and legal documents.

Qualify to do business in additional states or make amendments to your filings.

Register your boat or plane to reduce your personal liability.

Obtain certified copies of corporate and LLC documents.

Dissolve or withdraw your business.

Success-StoriesCase studies and Success stories
See what makes Globes America™ a world leader in US Incorporation for Non US Residents.
Review US Companies Owned by Non US Residents and their case study in expanding their business into the US Market with Globes America .




Business Services, Business Licenses & Permits, Bylaws & Operating Agreements, Registering a Business Name (DBA), Employer Identification Number (EIN).
Do Business in Additional States Business Structures, Limited Liability Company (LLC), C Corporation, S Corporation,
Nonprofit Corporation, Professional Corporation, Limited Partnership

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