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Submit this form to initiate your incorporation process. As soon as you submit the form, our representative will contact you to review the information and confirm the services you have requested.


Documents you will be asked to provide:
1. Individual Share Holder / Officer - a copy of your passport with photo ID and proof of address in your country.

2. Corporation Share Holder - a copy of the incorporation documents

Upon receipt of your form we will contact you to review your application. Once your application will be approved you will be asked to pay your Incorporation Fees. You may pay your fees with Credit or Debit Card. All necessary documentation will be forwarded to us once your payment will be confirmed.


Step 1: Incorporator

Incorporator is the person who initiates the entity formation process.  
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Step 2: Entity

Information about your future company.  

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LLC Limited Liability Company
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Step 3: Principal Officer

This person will serve as the company's manager, president or chief executive officer.  

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Step 4: Shareholders / Members

These are the individuals / other companies with ownership in your company.  




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Step 5: Services



  U.S. Incorporation Package for Non-Residents  
Fees: $499  + state processing fees


Name Check | Drafting and Filing | Business Consultation | Federal Tax ID Service | Customer Care Center | Bylaws | Stock Certificate | Corporate Package | Int'l Shipping/Handling | Resident Agent Fees for 1 year  | Expedite Service - 24 hours turnaround time 


  U.S. Business address and mail forwarding
      Fees: $199


Have your own dedicate US Business Address (NOT A PO BOX) which you can use to receive mail and forward it to your home / office address any where in the world. Use this address on your letter heads and official documents.

Get U.S. Phone Number to your business. Your clients can call you at a local U.S. Number or Toll Free Number 1-800. Advanced V.O.I.P system allows you to receive calls from your U.S. Number anywhere in the world. We refer you to a VOIP service provider. Fees are subject to the provider's policy, terms & conditions.





U.S. Bank Account Introduction and submission
      Fees:  $499

Business Bank Account | US Checks | Incoming Wire Transfers | Outgoing Wire Transfers | Debit Card | Online Internet Banking | Complete Internet Access | Manage your account from any where in the world


  Tax, Accounting & Business Consulting Package
Free with Incorporation + Bank Account + Business Address
        (if you checked all three services above this package is FREE)
        Value: $1,800 / (First Year) for all other customers.

Unlimited consulting from a dedicated business advisor. Your dedicated advisor will make sure you file all tax returns required by U.S. Tax Laws & Regulations and guide you with every business step you wish to take.
Unlimited Business and Tax Consulting  | Corporate Tax  | Sales Tax   | Franchise Tax   | Monthly Bookkeeping | Payroll Management


U.S. Merchant Account
    Fees:  $499

Accept all major Credit & Debit Cards | Virtual terminal | Charge your clients from your computer | Get your money to your U.S. Bank Account | Manage your Merchant Account Online.

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The charge on your account will be processed by Tax Treasure, Inc. By entering your initials in the above field, you hereby agree that Tax Treasure, Inc. will charge your account for the services checked above.

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Business Services, Business Licenses & Permits, Bylaws & Operating Agreements, Registering a Business Name (DBA), Employer Identification Number (EIN).
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